Order Received

Your order for the car companion (Jumpstarter) has be received.

You would receive a confirmation call in minutes from our delivery personnel just so we can get your package to you within the next 24 hours (48 hours MAX)

BUT WAIT!…Before you go, you may also like the 4IN1 Electric jack

If you can i recommend you add it to your order as a lot of customers who ordered for this Jumpstarter also ordered for the jack

Here’s why…

The jack performs 4 function

1- It can lift your car with the push of a button (meaning you never have to get yourself stained but using the old style jack).

2- You can loose the bolts on your car with the push of a button (No spanner at all. Just press towards the direction you want it to go and the CAR WRENCH would lose or tight your bolt.

3- It also comes with an inbuilt tyre inflator (This means if for any reason your wife is with your inflator from that JUMPSTARTER, or a friend borrowed it, as long as you have your jack in your can you can still inflate your tyre.

4- It comes with a free seatbelt cutter and window breaker. (Life is unpredictable so having a tool that can help break glass and also cut your seat belt can’t go wrong).

See a video of it below

What is the price?

The picture below is our official price on our website


You can get this on this page only for N140,000!!

You cannot find such offer anywhere outside this page

TO ADD IT TO YOUR ORDER just fill the short from below this picture

We have saved you the stress

Fill only the same name you filled just now and the quantity of jack you want and we’re good to go

We already have your number and delivery adress so we won’t stress you

Fill The form BELOW to add the jack for 140K instead of the original price 155k.